Network Marketing Presentation Skills. Getting to Yes!

Looking to sharpen up your network marketing presentation skills? Losing a prospect after spending an amount of time is something you don't want! Hearing the word NO, or “I have to think about it”, can take the wind out of your sail. I want to show you a method that...

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Why is Network Marketing so Hard to Build Part Time?

Have you ever thought, why is network marketing so hard to build part time? Most people try network marketing but end up failing, I do not have a real statistics on hand, but it is not rare that more than 90% of those who try out any MLM business for the first time...

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What others are saying about Shane

Mark Jordan

I like the attitude and positivity all your post reflect! You connect well with a lot of people.

Carola Wijas

You always have great tips!! You are so right about the link sending!! I see that a lot!

Jeanene Collins

 I have been in network marketing for over 20 years. I have also started life coaching and that is how I have been learning about funnels. The network marketing/MLM industries don’t focus on this in their training. It will take someone like you to help revolutionize this as part of network marketing. This is a genius way for MLM entrepreneurs to get leads. Thank you!

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