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Shane Myers grew up in a small town, but had big inspirations and desires to achieve success. His mother taught him some great work ethics as a business owner!

One of the lessons he learned from her was that there will always be obstacles, but to stay stead fast in knowing you can overcome them. He also learned that being of service to others builds long lasting relationships, and a solid foundation for business.

Shane started his first business in 6th grade on the school bus selling candy to friends. From there it went to cutting grass around his neighborhood.

Joining the Marine Corps in 1988 was a dream and accomplishment straight out of High School. His first exposure to Network Marketing was shortly after in 1995 while waiting tables. Within a few years he had hit a 6 Figure Income and was able to walk away from that JOB. The experience was “dream like” and a very good time in his life, until the company he was with went out of business. Distraught, angry and in disbelief seeing all that he had built crumble before his eyes…he vowed to never do Network Marketing again!

“I made it about the whole industry and went into hiding for several years” said Shane.

After owning a franchise business and 14 years in the Corporate World, the reminder of why he did Network Marketing in the first place again came back into my life. Time and Financial Freedom!

During this re-involvement time he saw and felt the struggles of what all Network Marketers go through in the 3 phases of their climb to the top.

He soon set out on a mission…… A Mission to be a servant and PROVIDE  TIPS, Techniques, and a System that creates results.

The 3 Growth Phases he addresses are :

#1) New Distributors

  • Don't know what to say  OR how to communicate with a prospect
  • How to respond to Objections and negative reactions
  • Overwhelmed by Information
  • Expectations not being met
  • Fear and Frustration
  • Lacking a System
  • NO Lead Generation Methods

#2) Mid Range Earners – Builders

  • Reactive approach instead of a Proactive approach
  • No DMO (daily method of operation)
  • Don't see new recruits advancing ( Recruiting , but attrition rate counters efforts to grow )
  • Little to NO Lead Generation Methods
  • No System in Place

#3) Top Earners – Leaders

  •   Leadership Fatigue
  •   Not Duplicating Leaders below
  •   Don't know how to transfer skills & knowledge to downline
  •   No System in Place


“I always believe there is an answer and I work tirelessly to figure it out! Sometimes the timing or gestation period of those answers can be found when you “Let Go and Let God”!It could be that time for you? A time for growth and learning an unknown technique, tip, or system. Browse my website and check out some of my trainings. If you find yourself in one of the 3 Phases listed above, I may have the solution.Reach out to me for a free 30 minute Vision Video Call to discuss where your business could improve. Thanks for being my friend!”



Enjoy my Breakthrough Tips & Attraction Marketing Secrets to help you grow your business….

Best Regards,

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