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Recruiting is one of the most challenging skills for any new or veteran network marketer to master. It takes all kinds of skill sets, starting at proper mindset and ending at superb closing skills to learn how to recruit professionals in Network Marketing.

If you believe it is an unattainable ability to have, think again. 

The typical headaches and difficulties most people in MLM experience when building a team can often be traced to dealing with inexperienced people. It's the feeling of being on a plane going down a runway that never ends, and you never lift off.

Now , before you go screaming at me and saying “Shane, everyone has to start somewhere, and sometimes you recruit people who have never had a business background” . I understand , and am not condoning or telling you to not recruit them. You should and I would highly encourage it.

But, if you are looking to scale your business quickly with less effort, this may be your aha moment.

It Doesn't take any more Effort

Look, you are still going to put the work in any way right? You will still have to do all the things that require adding a new member to your team. All processes being the same, and all actions same with one little twist.

Aiming higher, and becoming bigger. 

What i mean by that is to set your expectation of the type of people you will connect with on those with business experience. And, deciding today that you are the type of leader they would want to follow!

Why do Network Marketers Feel They Can't

I believe that the biggest challenge to overcome is a poor Self Image. It's a mindset that has most believing they are not worthy. Or, that they have to “pay their dues” first, and go through all the struggles and challenges of growing their business before hitting success. 


A paradigm and belief that plays over and over in the mind like a scratched record.



” I can't talk to her, she is way above my level” Or “What if he laughs at my opportunity, because he is so high up in the Real Estate Industry”

This type of mind talk has to stop and be replaced with a positive belief. Your prospects can feel what is going on with you.

Ever heard that a horse can throw a scared rider? Well it is pretty much the same here.

Recommended Resources for Recruiting Professionals


how to recruit professionals in network marketing



Days of holding team mates hands every step of the way are over.




The positives of just going ahead and finding people who have professional backgrounds or have home based business experience can take your growth to new heights super fast!!

What can You do to Start Recruiting Pros!

Growing a multilevel marketing business by recruiting outsiders might seem like a difficult feat, but you can use attraction marketing to attract interested pros.

Many multilevel people lose energy by persuading people to join, and trying to convince people is ineffective as you lose posture!

There is an easier method called attraction marketing, which makes those interested in starting their own business or network come to you instead and aid in building up your network in the process. 

The way attraction marketing works is by stepping into the shoes of being a leader now. Become what it is you want at this very present. Then, you answer and offer solutions to those you wish to attract into your business by providing value.

Are you Repelling good prospects?

One way you can certainly drive the good ones away from you is by being to needy and not being direct. 

Time is important for people who are movers and shakers…..so get to the point in finding out if they are even open to talking with you about your opportunity. 

Pumping up their ego a little doesn't hurt either. In fact, you could make a comment about their status and what they have achieved to get the conversation going and establish deeper rapport.

Bring Leaders in Through Online Strategies

A simple method is using your website to generate quality traffic, and those who are interested will want to know more. First, you need a professional and attractive website that provides value based articles.

Most multilevel marketing opportunities do not include these in their start-up package. Accordingly, you will need to brand yourself and not use the company website other than to get a new person signed up or sell product.

No doubt, you need to increase traffic, so some of the traffic generation tools such as Search Engine Optimization and Google Marketing will bring your website to the top of the search engine rankings, by choosing the right keywords and using them correctly.

Facebook is also another great way to attract in the ideal leader. With either organic traffic productions or sponsored ads, both are great methods. You can look into my Facebook Training that goes into detail on producing daily leads reaching out to you.

Click Here to watch the Facebook Training

Accordingly, I could list lots of different avenues you can use to apply Attraction Marketing. My hopes are that you understand if you are going to bring in the “big guns”, you should emulate the type of people you want on your team.

What is important about attraction marketing is to become the hunted and not the hunter. Many successful multi-level marketers have worked out how to do this effectively using all the tools that generate traffic. 

If you use proper website marketing efforts and traffic generating search engine optimization, you can grow your business quickly.

Bringing business minded leaders into your team has many advantages. The biggest being your group can grow rapidly without the “hand holding” you can experience with newbies.

A Big Time Pro That Teaches This Philosophy

The man who is famous for teaching others how to recruit professionals in network marketing is Todd Falcone. Todd is the master at showing you how to grow your business by focusing on quality prospects. 

Todd Falcone Recuriting Pros

All the methods listed here, you can do also. He has been an inspiration for me and my businesses. I firmly believe you will get a ton of value and some ideas to use right away.

Click here to hear Todd's Training



What happens when you learn How to Recruit Professionals in Network Marketing

  • Life just gets much easier and enjoyable
  • Less objections and negativity
  • Business grows faster
  • Team Synergy becomes stronger

recruit professionals













All things considered I hope you enjoyed my blog on how to recruit professionals in Network Marketing.

I want to see you Win!

Please comment below, and let me know your thoughts.




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