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Have you ever thought, why is network marketing so hard to build part time?

Most people try network marketing but end up failing, I do not have a real statistics on hand, but it is not rare that more than 90% of those who try out any MLM business for the first time lose more money than they make.


The Truth about Why Network Marketing is so Hard to Build

Unfortunately, I think it's because they do not have good information. Maybe they have been told that they can make a ton of money with relatively little time or that MLM is easy. Someone may even have told the lie that they really do not have to sell anything.

These type of beliefs and misconceptions have given the industry a bad name. New recruits quit in frustration within 60 days in and wonder why is network marketing so hard!

why is network marketing so hard to build

why is network marketing so hard to build

Most MLMers do not realize that this is a real business, and you have to do marketing the same as if you owned a restaurant, tire care store, or a nail salon.

However, the major fact is that network marketing is the business of selling two things: a product and a business opportunity. If you do not like to sell, prospecting or finding creative sales opportunities, network marketing is not for you.

Do not get me wrong, there are ways to run your business without losing friends or disturbing family members, but you must learn to sell. Not only learn to sell, but invest a lot of time in it. Trying to build part-time network marketing is so difficult because it requires dedication to succeed.

Recruiting and training your down line is also a big part of your business, and if you want to make big bucks. You must build a robust team. Rejection is a common obstacle faced by every network marketer while building his/her team, and they cannot allow this barrier to hinder the goal.

Network Marketing is a Real Business and Should be Treated as Such

If you want a hobby or creative outlet, go ahead and join an MLM company, but do not expect to make a lot of money dabbling in it. Just dabbling around the idea of building a business is another reason why network marketing is so hard to build. Those who bring home the big bucks are those that work hard, study hard, consistently meet goals, and establish new ones.

If you are dealing with network marketing as you would with any other start-up business and not just a part-time job, you will be able to create a full-time income from it and those around you will take your network marketing business seriously.

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You can Make it Profit with Correct Activities

If you do not have the skills to grow your business and turn a profit, I would encourage you to start learning.

Here is a little tip I can share with you on how to move into profit fast and start building a team. Make sure you are showing your opportunity to prospects that are qualified. People who are Professionals and have some sort of business background are the best to deal with.

Learn more about why dealing with business minded people will net you better results on my How to Recruit Professionals Blog


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