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Looking to sharpen up your network marketing presentation skills? Losing a prospect after spending an amount of time is something you don't want! Hearing the word NO, or “I have to think about it”, can take the wind out of your sail.

I want to show you a method that will have you going into a presentation with a very good assurance that you have a new sign-up. About an 80% or higher chance.

How would it feel to know you will have a new teammate before you begin your offer? When you get these network marketing presentation skills down, its game over and you are on your way!

network marketing presentation skills

network marketing presentation skills








How to Present in Network Marketing

First and foremost I would like to preface the below presentation steps with you have already met with your prospect and discovered they are a lead. You have built rapport, uncovered they are open to an opportunity, and that they can afford getting into business.

So here are the steps to use:

Step 1) Confirm

Go back over everything the prospect told you. (You should have uncovered what they want to accomplish, what’s important, and any other relevant information) Discuss why it is they are seeing what you about to show them.

Step 2) Yes or NO, not think about it or maybe

Let the prospect know that you are looking for a Yes or No answer at the end. But you are going to need an answer today.

Step 3) Confirm they know the investment

All things considered, ask them if they remember what the cost is to become involved with your offer. Also ask if they will be able to afford it if they decide to move forward.

Important point I learned about this whole process, do not move forward if all the above questions do not line up. Move on and cancel the appointment for when the lead is ready. Otherwise you will be wasting your time and theirs. They are NOT ready to get involved with your business.

Step 4) Forward Pace with NLP

After completing the above steps, I like to ask them something like….”assuming I was to take you on board, and you decided to join me….If we were having a conversation 12 months from now and looking back, what would you hope you would have accomplished?

Another, from this question here I can gather exactly how they want to be sold. Using what the prospect says in my network marketing presentation skills to tailor my presentation to their needs and wants.

MLM Presentation

At the end of the presentation, it is very important to ask if they are ready to get started. Accordingly, do not ask, “Well what do you think?” Another one of my favorite ways to ask is, “what did you like best about what you heard?” Then after their response you can respond with….”sounds to me like you are ready to get started.”

Accordingly, if you partner this method of presenting while working with Professionals who understand business, you will  have a recipe for success.

That concludes my blog for the day about network marketing presentation skills. Please leave and comment below and thanks for dropping by.



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