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Here are some of the tools, materials, applications I use to grow my business, market offline and online . Feel free to check them out.

Offline Lead Generation Tool

These are easy, quick and clever to use and make lead generation a snap,… and they will do the same for you!

Check out Cedrick explaining how Powerful Drop Cards are

$100 Dollar bill business drop cards are one of the best offline marketing tools to market, get leads and grow your business.  They say that the first impression is usually the only one that people remember.    This is a big First Impression and people pick them up wherever you leave them. It is a great tool that you can leave places as you go about your busy day! 

Experience the power of drop cards NOW. Oh by the way, you will even get some good tips on what exactly I say on my cards. Feel free to use them. Click the Drop Card King Banner just below here to take a look!!





Create Pictures

Here is a really cool website and software that can help you create nice images very quickly. I use it quite a bit and it makes life very easy. Canva has a few different plans offered. There is a free plan that will allow you to do some basic work and design. You can create Facebook posts, Twitter images, banners , and all sorts of cool images.

The features make it easier than a Photoshop or other software that has a bigger learning curve.

Try Canva out , I am sure you will be happy with it. You can get to their website right Here.


Automatically Post to Facebook and Twitter

OK, This neat little tool and has saved me a ton of time. Post Planner is a social media management software. It allows you to find the right content and recommended feed based upon your industry and interests. Save and combine feeds into powerful stream to create a personal library.

Automate posts as to when they go out and to what profile.

Create a plan for your pages and accounts, then plug in your content streams. View stats as to which posts are performing and which ones are duds.

Does all the heavy lifting for you . You can check them out right here….Post Planner




Statusbrew helps you track your followers, followings, fans, mutual followback, non followers etc. Schedule tweets, pictures on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook


SEO Tools

  • Social Monkee ( A Must Have for Blogging ) –  Easily build 25 Unique Backlinks to your pages every day! Sign up this instant to start creating quality inbound links to your website!


Auto Responder Source

  • AWeber (30 DAY FREE Trial) – I have tried other services before but Aweber provides some of the best features and it is easy to use. Stay in constant contact with your lists. Oh and they have a 30 Day Free Trial so you can try it before you buy it.

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