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Awesome that you have found yourself here on my Work With ME page! CONGRATS!

If you are here on this page looking to work directly with me in my Network Marketing Company and you want to become your own independent Entrepreneur then you landed in the right spot.


Starting in the Home Based Business Industry back in 1995 has given me quite a lot of different experiences and allowed me to come to some conclusions on the main reasons I decided to launch the company I am with.


Some things I find really important are:


  •  A Product that Can Easily be Promoted Online
  • Online and Offline Marketing Techniques / Strategies (does the company allow for creativity OR do they bind down the members with only 1 way to get leads and show the opportunity)
  • Leverage and a System that Duplicates
  • A Stable Company that has lasted the test of time (not a company that hasn't made it past that crucial 3 year mark in business)
  • A product I would Buy Even if there was No Comp Plan
  • A product that Appeals to the MASSES! Everyone would Like it!
  • Products that work along with and help grow my Personal Brand!


I have no idea if any of those items that were important to me are important to you, but when you’re looking to partner with a company it’s important to make sure that the model fits YOU.

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